Todd Michael Gori is an internationally respected successful business man. He has had nearly 50 businesses in all sectors. He is fluent in technology and computers. He can touch down on any content and succeed. Mr Todd has nearly 200,000 international contacts. If you need it done or something to happen. Call Todd.

Todd enjoys his hobbies, time with his wife, and doing community based, non-profit activities both locally and internationally.

Growing up in the small, suburban town of Sykesville, in Carroll County Maryland, Todd attended Linton Springs Elementary School. As he progressed through his schooling, at the age of 18,  he graduated from Century High School in Sykesville Maryland with a high GPA. He advanced through Advanced Placement courses enjoying calculus and coding.

Many might try to discredit this site. But here lie the facts and truth about Todd.

A hard worker with drive and ethics. Todd was strongly persecuted and placed in Jail in Carroll County at a young age for selling a harmless plant, Cannabis. A few years after Mr. Todd’s extremely severe persecution and the public slander campaign that was launched against him via corrupt public officials that sold him out to major media outlets, Cannabis, went legal.

 Mr Todd was left in a wake of aggressive persecution with a Felony charge on his record for now legal activities, all but totally preventing him from simple, gainful employment. Not only via background check but now via google. The new search engine beast going live during these years.

A kind man, as his life progressed, Mr Todd was used and abused by ruthless and savage women coming into his life for nothing more but to extract financial gain and pain. 

At the age of approximately 23 He met a young man named Jack. Attempting to help guide Jack and determined to not have him make the same mistakes, Mr Todd spent time with him regularly.

As Jack and Todd spent time together. One day they were hanging out. Jack decided it would be wise to stick a harmless “airsoft” toy gun out the window. The result? Mr Todd calmly pulled the young man back in taking the toy from him and explained this could be perceived as a real weapon. 

After being held at gunpoint by nearly three dozen Maryland State Police, charges were brought against Todd. Todd and his family had to come up with $10,000 USD to hire an attorney and beat the case in court.

Another public slander campaign was launched against Todd via leaks from corrupt public officials. This time, the corrupt officials framed Todd to make it seem like he was the one pointing the toy gun. The corrupt officials also made it seem as though the TOY gun was in fact a REAL machine gun. Todd continued to be buried under a mountain of corruption despite his kindness and pure heart.

Later, Mr Todd found out that Jack was not in fact just a young kid. He was actually a Junior Baltimore City Cop that was set out from the start to get close to, target, and frame Todd. He succeeded in not only doing that but extracting $10,000USD into the court system from Todd’s loving family. 

A few years went by and Todd was Slammed with a probation violation for Cannabis use. He was sentenced to and incredulous 18 months in state prison. He survived. 

Moving forward, Todd was a bit flustered. He eventually moved into Mexico feeling like everyone hated him and would google search him and believe the lies. He learned a lot in Mexico and enjoyed himself.

Some time went by. Another situation happened with Todd’s mother. Protecting his loved ones Todd was again slammed by the United States system. On an inbound flight from Cancun to Dallas Fort Worth. Todd Was arrested by Customs and Border Protection before even stepping foot off the airplane.

Another public smear campaign was launched by corrupt public officials. This one was 1000x larger than any Todd had seen. Hundreds of syndicated sites piggybacked Todd’s false, slandard story that the public officials sold out.

Three years later. Todd was released from Federal Prison for protecting his mother via nothing but email messages. Let me repeat that. Email messages. Of course, the docket says differently in all of Todd’s cases. Lies are semantics. Truth is fact. For better or worse in this country court records show as fact. The same court record that corrupt public officials continue to lie and slander Todd’s good name to this very day. Of course our version is fact and truth. Not the version of the corrupt. Todd survived.

Todd’s life goes on and he is bigger and better now than ever. Perhaps his life would be better or worse without the slander and corruption of the people we trust our freedoms too most. 

Regardless, Todd is happy and at peace. He’s met his lady and has settled down <3

We will continue to update Todd’s past and present bio as time goes on.